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Play with history's greatest minds

At the Intergalactic Hall of Knowledge, history's greatest minds are brought back to life... Their mission: to spread humanity's knowledge to every corner in the universe... starting with you!

Human Heroes is a series of enchanting, educational apps for the youth centred around humanity’s greatest minds. The apps present a novel and alternative kind of fantasy to mainstream entertainment – one that is rooted in real historical figures who made ground breaking changes and discoveries.

Users will be introduced to “human heroes” in different fields from the philosophers of Ancient Greece, to the giants of science in addition to renowned artists, composers, mathematicians, authors, architects, and dozens of other influential characters from across the centuries. Acting as whimsical 'virtual tutors' these human heroes will guide the users through each app, giving instructions and imparting their wisdom.

Human Heroes

with Albert Einstein

The first game brings the 20th Century’s most iconic genius back to life for a journey into the marvels and mysteries of the fourth dimension. A sock-less, dancing Albert Einstein hosts a show in a futuristic, theatrical setting, guiding his audience to the games where they will read all sorts of clocks, experience the passing of seconds and minutes, and gets first hand experience of Einstein's theories of relativity including the effects of speed and gravity on the passage of time. Einstein also shares stories from his extraordinary life so the young minds will soon become familiar with the legendary figure.

Forthcoming apps will explore the legacies of Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Mozart, Ada Lovelace, Aristotle, Jane Austin and many more.

Human Heroes are brought back to life by our team of computer scientists, game designers, artists and education experts.

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